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Insurance Coverage for Excavation Contractors

Excavating involves more than simple up-hauling of dirt and removing essential rocks and debris, rather it includes a myriad of techniques that use large machinery for soil management as well. Such handling of the land opens up the excavation contractors to a world of risks and liabilities. Equipment malfunction as well as any undue damage caused, wrongful destruction of the property and sometimes even injuries can occur at the site of work with great regularity. Furthermore, natural hazards such as landslides and the like are also a cause for concern. 

General Liability Insurance

With such complications, many industries offer excavation contractor liability insurance to prevent mishaps by preparing for the risks beforehand and ensuring a reduction in the costs so that the projects reaches completion without unnecessary hurdles. The options provided by the general liability protects the contractors should any statement of losses or bodily injury be made by any party. These include any claims regarding damage that should occur during the project which can be in the form of an accidents due to a fall or the result of the products employed the contracting company or even any harm that is caused by the working employees. 

Sometimes during the course of construction, damage can be done to the surrounding properties such as the power line might get cut off or the digging dents open a pipeline. The excavation contractors insurance covers these aspects as well. In many of these instances, the fault does not occur because of the construction work but can be simply happenstance. But to avoid the lawsuit, it is better to take precautionary measure and be prepared for such an outcome. 

Additionally, the general liability also holds to protect against any disparaging slander or infringement of personal property rights. Should a legal situation arise, the insurance also covers the legal expense should there be a need for any legal representation and guidance or should settlements or repair expenses are to be paid.

Equipment Coverage

The tools used in the business are a large investment and their replacement can be particularly arduous. For the protection of the heavy machinery, insurance coverage generally covers the theft or damage done to any of the equipment. The contractor’s equipment policy generally works to cover all the large machines such as the skid steer or the trailers employed.  If the tools are leased, the rental reimbursement part of the insurance policy allows the excavation contractors to carry on with the work should anything be stolen. 

Auto Coverage

Most insurance policies can also be extended to cover the vehicle used for the business. Generally bearing the business name, the automobile is principally insured in the event of any claims being filed. 

Workers Compensation

Another aspect of the excavation contractors insurance that should be included is the provision of wages as well as any medical assistance in the case of injury that an employee might have sustained while on the job. The policy helps to limit the employee from litigating the excavation company while also allowing the worker to be recompensed. 

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