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Top Tips for Homeowners Insurance Colorado

Home Insurance Policies, similar to other insurances, are there to protect the homeowner should any losses or damage occur to the house as well as the items housed within. Insurance can be claimed to ward off as much of the loss as possible. Furthermore, homeowner’s insurance also includes a liability coverage policy, so should any accident occur on the property, the property insurance is sure to cover it.

Learning More about Your Homeowners’ Insurance

If you are looking to have your home insured, it is best to learn more about the finer points of the insurance policy before simply settling on the first one you come across. In a place such as Colorado which faces its fair share of catastrophic damage, a sound insurance policy needs to be put in place. A general homeowners’ insurance provides coverage for your home in case of fires, wind, air or water damage (applies only to water damage claims that are a covered cause of loss) (excluding groundwater) as well as protection of any assets and personal belongings in the house. Furthermore, liability protection and medical coverage are also offered by several insurance providers.

What Homeowner’s Insurance Covers?

You can look into additional coverage options to protect you from a variety of other things and then settle on the policy that best meets your needs. There are four primary aspects insuring the property being considered; the physical structure of the house itself, any and all personal items, protection from liability claims, and any additional living costs that might be incurred if the insured house is rendered unlivable due to some accident.

All these insurances are bound by a coverage limit. In other words, this means that only a predetermined amount will be covered by the insurance provider in case of an accident, damage to property, liability charges or additional living costs minus the deductible. Additionally, the insurance will be time-bound too. This means that for example if you are forced to live somewhere else temporarily due to damage to your house, then your accommodations and food and living expenses will be covered by the insurance but only for a limited time period.

Medical expenses can also be covered in the event that an injury is sustained while on the property or even inside the house, for a party other than the named insured and immediate occupants or family members.  However, it is advisable to read the policy to determine if coverage applies and limits for liability, which is the predetermined coverage amount that a policy will pay in case of an accident.

How Much Insurance Do You Need?

Depending upon the square footage of the house, the likelihood of accidents and other structural features of the house, the cost of insurance can vary. As a general rule of the thumb, your insurance policy should be enough to cover any rebuilding and repair costs, liability costs and additional living expenditures.

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A multitude of insurances can be found in Colorado. For additional guidance, contact Chris at DC Insurers-Montrose (970) 901-0062 or email: With direct appointments with some of the best insurance providers namely Safeco, Nationwide, Metlife, EMC Insurance, The Hartford, American Strategic, Foremost, Auto-Owners, American Modern, we are here to guide you every step of the way to help you acquire the policy that suits your needs and provides you with the most beneficial insurance coverage that you can hope for.

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